Work is love
made visible.

Ashley Zeng - A designer from Taiwan.
Perform various movements in the field of vision.
User Experience design · Graphic design ·
Film photography · Front-end development

Front-end Developer

Promoting front-end development led by user experience and aestheticism as discipline. Find balance between emotion and ration. Advocating all logical things. Perceive the way in which individuals make connections with a common nature.

Founder of the A1chemy Lab

Expertise in cross-domain design methods,visual communication and cultural reconstruction.Attention to the duality of things andexcel at avant-garde visual expression.

UX/UI/Graphic Designer/Photography

Create impressive images,happy to accept all kinds of challenges and provide a bright outlet for organic / inorganic subjects pursuing atypical visual through design.

What I do

Once served as UI / UX designer in the semiconductor industry and web designers who are free to accept cases, had independent work and teamwork experience in aesthetic design and user experience.Full of enthusiasm. Attracted by social observation and strive to make designs in the industry that truly reflect society.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

With complete front-end development capabilities, dynamic and static website architecture, including RWD responsive design, Bootstrapt framework.

UX/UI Designer

User-oriented domain knowledge interviews, graphs, user journey maps and insights,design UI interfaces with excellent user experience.

Graphic design

Proficient in Photoshop & Illustrator.Create visual designs for printed materials, social media marketing graphic layout, and brand recognition.

Copywriting and video content creation

Brand planning and positioning, copywriting, film editing and digital / negative photography.

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